Visiting Edible Gardens

VEG visit - Grow food not lawns: getting started

Sun, 23/03/2014 - 14:00 to 15:30
Brentfield Way, Penrith
PACT and Freegle

The first event in the first ever Visiting Edible Gardens programme is an exciting opportunity to see a gardening project get started.  Naomi will show us her front garden in Penrith...

-- Report of visit -- Naomi's gardening tips --

Grow food not lawns: getting started
My front lawn wasn't getting much use so I have decided it would be an ideal space to grow some veg.  My aim is to grow a variety of different things to eat whilst also having a beautiful garden to look at.  I've measured the space (and the width of my lawn-mover!), and have planned out what I'd like to grow and where to plant things.  In February I made a start on digging it out and have just planted the first few crops.  I can show you the plans I have to plant in the other bits.  You'd be welcome to come back later on the year and see how things are going.

Free outdoor-only event.  Teas and coffees available.  No toilet available.

Eventbrite - Grow food not lawns: getting started

Please use the above link to reserve a free place.  Otherwise, simply look for the PACT or Freegle poster or the bunch people standing round a muddy garden!  Approximate map.  Anyone attending will have to sign in on a sheet.  Please take great care at this visit and respect the generosity of those opening up their garden.

There is a fair amount parking in Brentfield Way.

The event will go ahead if it is raining - there is a small covered area available.

Any questions, please phone Chris on 01931 713240.

Naomi starting her new fruit and veg plot

Naomi's 'Grow Food Not Lawns' plan

Naomi new fruit and veg plot