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St Andrews Square Renovations (Rotary Garden)

Rejuvenated paving at St Andrews Square in Penrith Funded by the Big Lottery Fund Awards for All

PACT has raised £22,000 (target £25,000) to upgrade St Andrews Square and its surroundings. £9,995 has been raised from Awards for All and a further £10,000 from the Vitality of Penrith. The owners of the Devonshire Arcade have also promised £1,000 donation and have allowed us to make use of the Old Grammar schoolyard.

June 2014: Responsibility for the planters has passed to the Penrith Partnership.

The scheme involves:

  1. Relaying and widening the foot path that runs north/south through the churchyard from the Antique shop to The Parish Rooms. Currently the footpath is only about 1 metre wide and people have to walk on the grass to pass. At the southern end of the footpath the old Lazonby Red sandstone flags have been replaced with tarmac, which has become pitted over time and is now a H&S hazard. All of this will be dug up and the path relaid using the old flags where possible or new Lazonby Red flags. The final width of the path will be just less than 2 metres wide easily allowing people to walk two abreast. This work commences 26th September.
  2. It had been hoped to replace benches around the Rotary circle but this has not proved possible so benches are being placed in the Old Grammar School yard along with two planters and a new waste bin. This will make this into an attractive community space.
  3. Additionally a new sign is to be installed in the Old Grammar school yard which will detail the many items of interest in and around the churchyard. The Church itself, the hogback tombs and the many buildings of architectural and historical interest will be highlighted.
  4. It is also intended to refresh and upgrade the flower beds in the churchyard. Some small beds will be grassed over to reduce maintenance but the ones retained will be refreshed and replanted. Particular attention will be paid to the large flower bed behind the Rotary Circle.
  5. Some other things are being undertaken in parallel with this scheme
    • The Council has already repainted the railings round the Churchyard.
    • A grant has been applied for which will allow the lighting at the front of the church to be replaced and a system installed which will stop the pigeons roosting on the eastern gable end of the church.
    • Finally if funding is available the existing millennium plaques in town will be refurbished.

If you want to help please be in touch.

St Andrews Square renovation in progress

St Andrews Square renovation in progressRejuvenated paving at St Andrews Square in Penrith

Rejuvenated paving at St Andrews Square in Penrith