Support from PACT

If you want to hold a community event that you would like PACT to support, here are a few notes.

PACT has limited funds, but can offer advice. On occasions and where the event supports our aims, PACT might be willing to cover against a loss up to an agreed amount. In return for this, PACT could have a stand/ presence at the event, PACT will add the event to the online calendar on the PACT website and it will be included in the Community Event Roundup email that goes out to the Eden and District Freegle subscribers however you must not rely solely on PACT to promote your event.

You must to promote your event through all appropriate means- so where possible get it into the Herald/ Gazette before hand, put in a notice in the Parish magazine for the area, also if appropriate flyer the area or take flyers to similar events leading up to your event. Place flyers/posters with shops and local notice boards. Share the information within your own networks and other local groups that might be interested, if your group has a Facebook page or Twitter account please use this to promote the event. PACT's support should be acknowledged in publicity and also we recommend doing a write up for the Herald and other media outlets, etc after the event.

How to tell the press