This page lists any resources that PACT members are willing to loan to others, eg books, DVDs, etc, particularly on transition subjects, eg:

  • climate change, dwindling resources and economic sustainability
  • what inspires you
  • detailed advice on how to grow veg

Please contact the person directly to see if the item is available and to arrange collection and return.

To list anything that you are prepared to load, please contact Chris - select the Library category.  Please feel free to include a short description or review.

PS  Please feel free to do a full review, or write an experience or project as a full article to share with others.

Peter Dicken, 01931 716133

  • The Forgotten Art of Building and using a Brick Bake Oven – Richard M Bacon
  • Your Brick Oven. – Russell Jeavons
  • Building a Wood- Fired Oven. – Tom Jaine
  • Heating with Wood. – Andy Reynolds
  • Making Bread at Home. – Tom Jaine
  • English Bread and Yeast Cookery – Elizabeth David
  • Bread. Daniel Stevens
  • Bread Matters – Andrew Whitley
  • Food in England – Dorothy Hartley
  • Made in England – Dorothy Hartley
  • The Countryman’s England – Dorothy Hartley
  • Over a Red Hot Stove, Essays in early cooking technology. – ed Ivan Day
  • So Shall we Reap – Colin Tudge
  • Feeding People is Easy – Colin Tudge
  • The Carbon Fields – Graham Harvey
  • We Want Real Food. – Graham Harvey
  • In Defence of Food – Michael Pollan
  • Food Rules – Michael Pollan
  • Wildwood – Roger Deakin

Chris Cant, 01931 713240

  • Wildwood, A Journey Through Trees by Roger Deakin
    An inspiring account of the author's life with wood, trees, wildlife and walnuts, in the UK and abroad.
  • The Transition Timeline for a local resilient future by Shaun Chamberlain
    The Transition Vision for the next 20 years, with background information on Climate Change and Peak Oil
  • What's Mine is Yours by Rachel Botsman and Roo Rogers
    How collaborative consumption is changing the way we live
  • The Carrifran Wildwood Story by Myrtle and Philip Ashmole
    An inspiring account of how a remote glen in the Southern Uplands is being re-wilded to recreate a mainly-forested wilderness

Richard Wood, 01768 891589

  • Food for free - Richard Mabey
  • Fixing Climate - Robert Kunzig and Wallace Broecker
  • 6 Degrees - Mark Lynas
  • Living Wood - Mike Abbott
  • The Self Sufficientish bible
  • Transition Handbook - Rob Hopkins
  • Soil and Soul - Alastair McIntosh
  • The Green Self Build Book - Jon Broome
  • Old House Handbook - SPAB
  • Peak Everything - Richard Heinberg
  • Tipping Point - Malcolm Gladwell
  • Eco Economy - Lester R Brown
  • River Cottage Series - Preserves/Veg Patch/ Mushrooms/Seashore/Hedgerow


Electronic Resources

  • Zero Carbon Britain 2030 full report by the Centre for Alternative Technology
    Available as a PDF download from
    8 page summary also available.