About PACT

"all things are possible once enough human beings
realise that everything is at stake"

PACT (Penrith Action for Community Transition) is a transition town group started in Cumbria during 2008, and is part of the growing transition network here in the UK and around the world, working to develop community-based responses to the challenges of peak oil, climate change and economic sustainability. PACT is made up of a group of like-minded and enthusiastic volunteers from in and around Penrith & the Eden Valley, committed to making a real difference in the local area.

Penrith Action for Community Transition Limited (PACT) is registered in England as an non-for-profit Community Benefit Society (Registration No. 31972R), now known as a Registered Society. The Society is owned by its members and run according to these rules.  Each member has one vote at General Meetings.  Any financial surplus is reinvested to achieve the objects of the Society.  If the Society is dissolved, any remaining assets must go to a similar organisation.

The objects of the Society shall be to carry on any business for the benefit of the community by:

  • Raising awareness of the issues associated with climate change, scarcity of resources and economic sustainability.
  • Reducing carbon emissions
  • Increasing community resilience
  • Actively working with other stakeholders to harness the energies of the local community to achieve the above three objectives

Please do join PACT by completing the form, or catch up with us at one of our events.

PACT is formally led by a board of directors which usually meets every month in Penrith at 7pm on the first Wednesday of the month.  However in line with the transition concept this is very much a grass-roots organisation, with the initiative coming directly from the local community.

We are currently engaging with a broad base of local volunteers and forming interest & action groups, which will each be looking at the challenges faced on key issues such as energy, food, building, education, transport, waste & recycling, and health & well-being.

This includes campaigns we have running to promote reduced plastic use and community gardening.

PACT is an initiative listed by the Transition Network.


  • Chair: vacant
  • Treasurer: Philip Sturgess
  • Secretary: Christine Sutherland
  • John Bodger
  • Malcolm Carruthers
  • Ron Kenyon
  • Geoff Rockliffe-King
  • Richard Waller

There are currently two vacancies on the board.  If you would like to volunteer to be co-opted onto the board, please get in touch.

2013:  PACT has changed legal status from an unincorporated association to an Industrial and Provident Society - all assets, responsibilities and open projects were transferred to the new structure.