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'Stone' Soup Lunch: A fun way to bring your community together this Winter!

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PACT ran a successful "Stone Soup" lunch in January 2013.  This page has notes on how we did it and various file to download below - please do it yourself where you are - get in touch if you need a hand.

Joan Robinson 07754 773701


  1. If you are working with another organisation check if they will cover insurance for you.
  2. Write up a risk assessment (outline attached)
  3. Write your own health hygiene notes for helpers (outline attached -ours was with advice from EDC Env Officer)
  4. We borrowed slow cookers and most soups arrived in containers and we heated them up and transferred to slow cookers
  5. Someone made our bread rolls although this could be a group activity in someone’s kitchen!
  6. To save on washing up we used kitchen roll for plates.
  7. We put the tables in rows so that no one felt isolated. Only used a couple of bread baskets so that people had to ask for it to be passed along.
  8. Everything was free although we had a donation box on the side to raise money for a S Army project. (Donations also covered hire of room.)
  9. We targetted elderly, poorer areas, advertised on town bus and handed out leaflets in the street to those we thought might like an invitation. But if a small village why not ask everyone.
  10. We made a special effort to welcome people at the door.
  11. The Freegle bring and take for free attracted a lot of interest, there were some bargins.
  12. We worked with a youth group in advance to make up pea planters to give away. The Young people also helped us on the day.
  13. We even had a volunteer juggler performing outside! Who went through town and advertised soup left for last servings ¾ hour before the end.
  14. We bagged up spare soup and handed it out to folks to take home.
  15. Don’t forget to thank people afterwards.
  16. Encourage others to do a soup day and do it again next year!

Good Luck!

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