Film: Six Inches of Soil

Wed, 24/04/2024 - 19:40 to 21:40
Penrith Alhambra, 47 Middlegate, Penrith CA11 7PT

Six Inches of SoilSix Inches of Soil tells the inspiring story of young British farmers standing up against the industrial food system and transforming the way they produce food - to heal the soil, our health and provide for local communities.

There are approx.178,000 farmers working in the UK who manage 71% of the UK's land, providing half of the food we eat, we import the rest. Current “industrial” mainstream farming practices significantly contribute to soil degradation, biodiversity loss and climate change. Regenerative farming practices, (within an agroecological system) promote healthier soils, provide healthier, affordable food, restore biodiversity and sequester carbon.

Six Inches of Soil is a story of three new farmers on the first year of their regenerative journey to heal the soil and help transform the food system - Anna Jackson, a Lincolnshire 11th generation arable and sheep farmer; Adrienne Gordon, a Cambridgeshire small-scale vegetable farmer; and Ben Thomas, who rears pasture fed beef cattle in Cornwall.

Directed by Colin Ramsay: 97mins | BBFC Rating: (PG)
Includes a post-film onstage panel discussion with speakers including Kate Roberts of How the Earth Thinks.

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