Electric Vehicles Made Easy

Mon, 01/07/2024 - 19:00 to 21:00
Evergreen Community Hall 1 Bluebell Lane Penrith CA11 7LH

Electric Vehicles Made Easy

CAfS say: "We are on a mission to help unravel the world of electric vehicles and charge points for householders and small businesses in Cumbria. Together, we can help you decide whether an electric vehicle is right for you – either now or in the future.

Our free event in Penrith, held in partnership with sustainability group Penrith Action for Community Transition (PACT), will hear from local EV experts and drivers and Charge My Street. We will explore the benefits, costs, options and myths surrounding EV technology, batteries, charging, and via our expert panel Q&A session you can get answers to questions that are baffling or concerning you.

We are keen to hear about any experience you may have of EVs, any challenges you perceive around switching to electric and what support you would value at a local level that could help you move forward confidently.

Here in Cumbria, carbon emissions from land-based travel by residents, visitors and businesses are estimated to be more than 4 MtCO2 equivalent (source: Summary of Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Cumbria, Zero Carbon Cumbria) - emissions that need to be reduced by more than 85% by 2037. Moving towards more sustainable forms of transport, including electric vehicles, will reduce our use and reliance on fossil fuels, and cut our carbon emissions.

Wherever you are on your journey towards a greener, more sustainable way of driving – this event is for you. You might be considering your first step towards an EV, or you may already have an EV and want to share your experience with others and ask for specific advice.

Refreshments (tea, coffee, and biscuits) will be provided as well as plenty of opportunity to meet and share experiences with other residents and businesses in the area, as well as access to advice from our experts.

Supported by funding from Electricity North West, we are working with various Cumbrian-based partners, including Local Authorities, to bring Electric Vehicles Made Easy to households and businesses across the region."

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