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2 Food Crops to Plant in December

Itching to try growing your own food? The good news is you don’t have to wait until spring. We share a few top tips from the Royal Horticultural Society about food crops you can plant now.


Winter is a good time to plant apple trees

1. Fruit trees

Apple and damson trees get on well in Eden’s climate, and now’s a good time to plant new ones. Don’t plant them when the ground is hard with frost or water-logged, though. Find out more...


2. Garlic

Plant single bulbs of garlic in your garden now and you’ll be rewarded next summer with a crop to use in your cooking.  Find out more...


Other things you can be doing

If you’re thinking about turning a corner of your garden into a veg plot in the spring, you can begin getting the soil ready now. Digging it over and mixing in some compost will give it a good head start. Read what the famous Alan Titchmarsh has to say about the matter...


Get the full scoop on December goings-on in the veg patch in the full RHS article.