PACT Story Giants of Eden project

Story Giants May Day Parade

Mon, 02/05/2011 - 11:00 to Thu, 20/06/2024 - 03:24
St Andrews, Penrith
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Schools from Eden District will tell stories about giants of their community outside St Andrews in the centre of Penrith on May Day, Monday 2nd May, later taking part in the parade through the town.  Each school is accompanied by a 4 metre high Story Giant carnival puppet and processional music from BlueJam.

Giant Peg Sleddle and Milburn school
Giant Peg Sleddle and Milburn school

Each school will tell their tall tale at one of three locations in and around St Andrews churchyard:

  • the Rotary circle at the bottom end of the churchyard adjacent to Mansion House
  • the library square next to the entrance to the Devonshire Arcade
  • the paved area at the front entrance to the church.

If it's raining, the performances will be inside the church.


  • 11am - First set of school performances
  • 12:30pm- Second set of school performances
  • 2:30pm - Parade, starting at Ullswater Community College

11am Rotary Circle

  • Beaconside Y2
  • Temple Sowerby / QEGS Group 2
  • Morland

11am Library Square

  • Milburn
  • Kirkby Thore
  • Lowther

11am Church Entrance

  • Culgaith
  • Armathwaite
  • Brunswick

12:30pm Rotary Circle

  • Plumpton
  • UCC
  • QEGS group1

12:30pm Library Square

  • Beaconside Y5/6
  • High Hesket
  • Lazonby

12:30pm Church Entrance

  • Shap
  • St Catherine's
  • Calthwaite

After May Day

Jackie Harris will be writing down the schools' stories and compiling them for a keepsake illustrated storybook at the end of the project.  Dominic kelly will record the stories in the fourth session to pass on to Jackie.  There will also be an exhibition of the work at the end of the project.

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