Stone Soup Day

Sat, 01/02/2014 - 10:45 to 13:45
Salvation Army, 1 Hunter Lane, Penrith

Stone Soup 2013Get a free soup and a roll - or a coffee and gingerbread - to warm away those winter blues. 

And listen to story of how soup was made from a stone!

  • Please put up a poster or hand out some fliers - attached below.
  • There will be a Freegle Give and Take stall on the day - please bring items to give away - and take away anything you fancy!
  • (Non-electrical) items to be Freegled away can be dropped off at the Soup Shop in the Devonshire Arcade, Penrith, on 30th and 31st January before 2:30pm.
  • The food is free (we want everyone to feel that they can come) but we will have a donation box near the door if anyone wants to give something to cover the costs of the day and Community Gardening/Salvation Raised Beds (where we are growing food for food parcels) and  our gardening expenses in 2014 (we don't have a budget for these)...
  • If you would like to help out, please contact Joan Robinson on 07754773701.
  • Any left over Freegle items will be given to the Salvation Army shop.

Approximately 150 people had a soup and a roll throughout the morning.  A total of £313.25 was raised in donations, split between the Community Gardening projects and the Salvation Army.  Many items were given and taken at the Freegle stall.  The Fantastic Friday youth group were thanked specially for their help.  See photos from the day below.  Thanks to Star Fruits, Booths, Bells of Lazonby and Morrisons for their food donations - and the volunteers who helped make it happen.

PACT Stone Soup 2014

PACT Stone Soup and Freegle Give and Take

PACT Stone Soup 2014

PACT Stone Soup 2014

Freegle at Stone Soup 2014

Sewing bags from rags at Stone Soup 2014

Cameron receiving a certificate from Gordon Nicolson at PACT Stone Soup 2014