Sandilands - two and a half acres

A project of regeneration creating environmental and social change

Sandilands - two and a half acres

Sandilands dates for February 2024Long-term friend of PACT Elizabeth Woodcock has recently taken over a two-and-a-half acre field under Cross Fell, in the Eden Valley. She plans to transform it into a biodiverse, edible garden to benefit all life, human and non-human, taking a forest garden approach. She invites PACT members to get involved in this process and watch the site develop.

Feb 18th: worth getting out of bed for

Sandilands tree planting

The snow is lying in the hollows of the hills which rest above the fields like a great backbone with their white ribs of snow. The cold tang in the air, and I'm thinking about prevailing wind direction and there isn't one. We're so close to Cross and Great Dun fell, that give us a North East blast, but then on other days there's a southwest current rippling over the valley from the lakes.