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Campaign opposing Excess Packaging

PACT is already campaigning against the use of disposable plastic bags, and believes there are many other current examples of excess or poorly designed packaging. This then takes resources such as plastic (derived from oil) or card (derived from timber) to manufacture, adds to the weight and energy requirement for transport, and presents issue for recycling or disposal. Surely it's far better to use only proportionate levels of packaging - in any case the packaging is often less about protecting the item, more about just marketing it prominently in the shop by making it bigger than necessary.

As consumers we all have choices over what we buy, and where possible by steering clear of excess packaging we then encourage manufacturers to reduce the environmental impact and wastage from their businesses.

Good Practice: VistaVeg

Local food grower co-operative VistaVeg has reusable bags for its vegetable deliveries:

VistaVeg has reusable bags for deliveries


Very heavy-duty plastic cup & lid for single use cup-a-soup; it's one thing (maybe) to take these sorts of things while on a train or somesuch (although their plastic is generally less heavy duty) but the Batchelors stuff is apparently sold for use at home etc. where there's surely no excuse - just use a mug!

PACT contacted Batchelors to discuss this and so far has had no response.

Batchelor's cup a soup

Gorillapod tripod

Multiple layers of plastic and card to package a 45g mini tripod which in any case is described as 'heavy-duty'.

Gorillapod excess packaging


They're showing a distinct lack of awareness by going for the single use cup approach on many items.

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If you have any stark examples of excessive or poor packaging, or conversely examples where suppliers have actively worked positively to minimise or eliminate their packaging, please do contact us.