This page is dedicated to showing you the options in Eden District for hard-to-recycle household items ie things not covered by Eden District Council's collections which cover paper, tins, hard plastic and some garden waste collections - with Recycling Centres also usually taking aluminium foil and textiles. Please see their full A-Z guide. Additional items can be recycled at county council Household Waste Recycling Centres such as Flusco and Kirkby Stephen.

Please get in touch if you you can add or update any information on this page.

Top tips

  • Use alternatives which have no plastic for example.
  • Bring in your own containers to be refilled.
  • Switch to longer lasting products eg a laser printer instead of an inkjet printer.
  • For unwanted bigger items, please ensure that they are reused or upcycled - list of reuse places in Eden District.

Recycle for CharityRecycling inkjet cartridges

Inkjet cartridgesIf you save your inkjet cartridges then you can help raise funds for PACT.
Note that only unrefilled cartridges of certain brands are accepted.
To send in your cartirdges, go here: - using code C93643 so that your donation is credited to PACT.
Alternatively, Christine has a collection box - please contact us for details. There's a poster attached below.

The cartridge collection box will be at the Penrith Repair Café at the Old Fire Station in Penrith on the second Saturday of each month.

Laser toner cartridges are not accepted on this scheme but can be sent to

Biscuit wrappers

There is a biscuit wrapper collection box at the Old Fire Station in Penrith - the home of Eden Arts.

Crisp packets

Ceasing 1/12/19: The Another Weigh shop on Angel Lane in Penrith collects empty crisp packets for recycling.


Various shops accept batteries for recycling.


We are not aware on any carton recycling facilities in Eden District. However last time we checked, there was a recycling bin for them at Morrisons in Carlisle.


Some pharmacies (including those at GP surgeries) can recycle inhalers - more info.

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