Italy's plastic bag ban starts tomorrow

I've just spotted that Italy has a complete plastic bag ban starting tomorrow:

"Italian retailers are banned from providing consumers polyethylene bags starting January 1st, making way for a change in consumer behaviour and the use of reusable cloth or plastic sacks, or bags made from biodegradable plastic or paper."

"According to Reuters, 'Italian critics say polyethylene bags use too much oil to produce, take too long to break down, clog drains, and easily spread to become eye sores and environmental hazards.'"

"What I think will ultimately make the difference is in line with what a New York Times article described as the effect of the bag tax after it was implemented in Ireland several years ago:

Within a year, nearly everyone had bought reusable cloth bags, keeping them in offices and in the backs of cars.

Plastic bags were not outlawed, but carrying them became socially unacceptable — on a par with wearing a fur coat or not cleaning up after one’s dog.