Veg growing is taking root!

Jaki Bell - possibly the least green-fingered person in EdenWelcome to the first-ever post in Veg Out, a new blog from Penrith & Eden District Freegle and PACT, following one of Cumbria's least green-fingered people.

And I can say that because it's me. My name is Jaki Bell, and I'm a virtual newcomer to Eden, a resident of Appleby since December 2013. 

As the partner of the current chairman of Penrith Action for Community Transition, Nigel Jenkins, I feel especially ashamed that I don't know anything about growing veg. Perhaps there's an expectation that we're like the couple from The Good Life - self sustaining and sandal wearing.

I hope I don't disappoint anyone by saying that, despite Nigel's dedication to reducing Eden's environmental footprint, he's just as lacking in green fingers as I am - although he does wear sandals.

So, inspired by our local Freegle's 'Grow Your Own' project to get more people in Eden growing fruit and veg, we're setting out a journey to learn how to do just that. 

I hope the lessons shared here along the way will help a few others to produce a crop of edibles next year. Please feel free to chat to me using the comments section below.

OK, here we go then...