Story Giant Project


Hi, I'm the co-ordinator of the Story Giants and I thought I'd come online and report how things are going....

Dominic created a 'bang' on the start line with his storytelling at the launch event.  One anonymous teacher remarked that Dominic is the right man for the job because he's not outlandish and weird like some storytellers who can scare children.  At the same time, she explained, he has personality and can captivate adults and children.   There's a compliment for you Dominic if you happen to read this...  you're not weird!

Dominic has now done a teacher training session and workshops in around half of the schools. There has been a flurry of activity as big and little people rummage around for stories and chat about which one they would like to adopt as their own. The feedback so far is excellent and Dominic is indeed proving to be "the right man for the job".  As he dashes around the Eden Valley, his love of the area and enthusiasm to learn new stories about it are obvious. The general consensus in school is that time passes very quickly for children and young people who spend time with him.

Another thing about all of this which I find very lovely is the ownership that has grown already with the project.  Schools in each place are making it their own and incorporating it into other areas of learning, whether it be geography, history, literacy or art.  They are connecting with members of their community, one school has invited a local storyteller to help develop the story between Dominic's visits.  Schools are using the stories to link with parents and also with schools in other parts of the country and indeed the world.

I'm just happy that we are getting to know our ghosts.  These hidden and unseen stories and legends which are being shared area as important to the identity of where we live as the things that we can see.





Things were going so well until....   Dominic came down with a nasty infection and now he can hardly speak. 

Unfortunately he was unable to make it to Brunswick school this morning where Mrs Sanderson had assembled an excited group of adults and children from all over the place.  They were ready to get started on their story but after struggling through the sessions yesterday, Dominic left messages that he couldn't make it.  Wires got crossed (as they sometimes do) and Mrs Sanderson had to turn people away disappointed. Don't lose heart at Brunswick, I'm sure everything will work out next time. 

We all hope that you're feeling better soon Dominic and that your voice recovers quickly.  A storyteller needs his voice!

The film documenting the initial phase of Giants of Eden and explaining how the project will unfold over the coming months is now available on the Giants page of the PACT website, please do take a look!