Kriya Arts COP26 performance in Shap

Tue, 05/10/2021 - 19:00
Shap Memorial Hall, Main Street, Shap CA10 3NL

Kriya Arts, a multi-award winning not-for-profits arts organisation are engaged in a walking pilgrimage from London to Glasgow to present a piece of theatre using material gathered from the people they meet and host them on their way. Averaging ten miles a day they will arrive in Shap on October 5th, camping on our playing field and at 7pm, presenting a piece of theatre in Shap Memorial Hall created from their experiences so far, shaped by the land and the people. Their goal is to nurture a better relationship between  people and land and to amplify the voices of both through art and ideally they would like to hold  a moot, after their performance, to meet community members and hear their view on the countryside.

This will be free to attend but donations, to cover the cost of hiring the hall would be welcome.

A Pilgrimage for Nature